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We have your new music instrument!
We have your new music instrument!


Monolina , Monochords in different sizes and tunings.


Hokema Kalimbas

the magical Sansula

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Metal Sounds

Spacedrum handpans and Zenko Drums

Handpans Zenko drums

Monochord Therapy instruments

Monchair, Monochord table , Soundwave from feeltone


WePlayWellTogether - Giving circle

The Sarayaku Art Project: Uplifting Indigenous Women in the Ecuadorian Amazon. All profits will directley support their livelihood

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KOSHI Chimes back in stock

Koshi and Zaphir chimes

Hokema Kalimbas

feeltone Monochords

feeltone Wood drum from Handheld to XXL

Metal Sounds - Zenko metal tongue drums - spacedrum handpans evolution / nitro

Blog posts

  • How do you MAKE a handpan??
    March 15, 2021 Joule L'Adara

    How do you MAKE a handpan??

    How DO you make a handpan?

    We got to go behind the scenes with our friends at Metal Sounds the South of France to find out!

    ...turns out the answer is a LOT of care, craftsmanship, heaps of hammering, laser-cutting, patience, and good ears (along with high-precision tuners!)

    We put together this video showcase for Metal Sounds and can't wait to share it with you...

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  • Spacedrum: Nitro vs. Evolution (+Handpan Recording Techniques!)
    February 18, 2021 Joule L'Adara

    Spacedrum: Nitro vs. Evolution (+Handpan Recording Techniques!)

    "This particular handpan by Metal Sounds is one of the most beautiful that I've personally played before!" - Todd Boston, January 2021

    In this 7-minute video, acclaimed Producer and Composer Todd Boston talks about the the differences between the Metal Sounds Spacedrum Nitro and Spacedrum Evolution - offering his impressions on what makes each model possess a unique sound quality.

    Want to know how to record a handpan? Towards the end of the video, Todd offers tips on how to best mic the sound of handspans using the mid side mic technique. If you like to geek out on technology or are an audio engineer, read on...


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  • Instagram Challenge - Amazing Free Instrument Giveaways!
    February 5, 2021 Joule L'Adara

    Instagram Challenge - Amazing Free Instrument Giveaways!

    As Part of the NAMM 2021 "Believe in Music" Virtual Show, We Play Well Together is running a contest that goes until the end of February when we'll be GIVING AWAY some amazing products including some of our best-selling instruments! 

    To enter the contest you must: 

    1) Follow @weplaywelltogether on Instagram

    2) Create a Story, Post, or Reel (can be text, photo, and/or video content) where you share which product giveaway you'd like to receive and what's great about it. You MUST tag @weplaywelltogether in your post!

    You can enter multiple times for more than one item. Extra points will be given if you tag others in your post and encourage friends or followers to post as well!

    We'll be announcing the winners live on IG on March 1st at 4pm Pacific Time. Winners will also receive Direct Messages on Instagram when we'll ask for your mailing address to ship you the products. You must respond within 2 week's time in order to claim your prize. 

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