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Hokema - Sansula Softbag


The Sansula Softbag for the B9 size Sansula is out of stock till mid November!

We recommend our new Sansula softbag in order to adequately protect the vulnerable membrane of the Sansula when the instrument is stored or transported.

  • Bag reinforced with fiberglass
  • Fully padded on the inside
  • Adjustable shoulder-strap
  • Protect your sensual perfectly
  • Lightweight and durable
  • with resonator top for the wah-wah effect on the go

Choose your model:

  • Sansula B9 - 9 note standard model
  • Sansula B11 Melody - 11 note large model

If you wonder why you might need a Bag for the Sansula, this video shows it all:)

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