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Octave Meditation Monochord MO-600


Name: Octave Meditation Monochord MO-600

Quality: Hand Made in Germany

Simple Description: Elegant double-sided, 60 string monochord. Can play in upright or horizontal position.

Strings and Tuning
One side has 30 overtone strings, the other has 30 bass strings.  Tuning Range: B-d / B-D 

Dimensions53 x 12 x 4 inches

Materials: Cherry wood and ash

IncludesTuner, tuning instrument, some replacement strings, and  wood stand. 

Training:  Free 30 minute training via Skype

Sound NotesStrum on the strings close to the bridge to create sounds rich in over-tones. Strum in the middle and the sound is more even. At first it seems like you’re hearing only one tone, but as your mind relaxes you can notice a full variety of tones and overtones that weave a wistful and subtle melody. It creates a sound experience much like that of a gong.  

The volume is impacted by contact between the musician’s body and the instrument.

Shipping: Door to door Fedex, all fees included. (You will receive a Fedex tracking number once the order is placed and confirmed.)  

Here is what some of our customers have to say about the Monochord:

I am a Montessori teacher and own a monochord. I notice that the kids that I teach stop occasionally in their schoolwork, go over to the monochord and play, and then return with a feeling of calm to their work. Sometimes a child lays down on the Giant tongue drum and another one plays the tongue drum while a third child plays the monochord. For myself, I realized that the deep sound of the monochord grounds me while the higher pitch gives me upwards energy. I think the monochord is a precious instrument. 

Irmhild Vogel, Berlin,Montessorie teacher, Kindergarten teacher and mother of 8 children

 Monochord Mediation Monochord Manual