Autumn Special Monolina C floor model sale

by feeltone
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Monolina in C: 24 overtone strings in C`, 5 bass strings in C, and 5 strings in fifth G. Rich overtones tending to major.
    • 34 strings, bass overtone fifth
    • 5 Koto bridges
    • Universal template for minor or major tuning
    • Use it for mediation, sound massage, concerts
    • Place on the body for a sound massage
    • Size 28.3'' x 13'' x 4.3''
    • Material: ash & cherry wood
    • Weight: 6 lbs
    • Available accessories : Travel bag


pristine condition and as this Monolina already has been tuned a couple of time the startup tuning process will be a lot quicker.

Combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning.

Lightweight and versatile, this monochord is designed so anyone can pick it up and play, while also suitable for concert performances.

Use for sound bathing, sound mediation or to accompany singing.

Thanks to the light weight you can also use the Monolina therapeutically as a “body monochord.”