Next Monochord Training November 11 & 12 Miami Florida @Urban Acupunture

Joule L'Adara will teach the next Level I training in Miami Florida November 11 & 12 hosted by Stephanie Urban, Urban Acupuncture, 13501 SW 136th Street, Suite 206 - Miami, Fl - 33156

1.) Level I - The secret of the Monochord : Learn how to play a Monochord Training    
     workshop fee $500 , SA & Sun  10 am - 6 pm, 
     special workshop discounts for clients of Urban Acupunture
please contact Stephanie Urban directly to sign up for the training
@ tel 786-333-6695

In this course you will:
learn Monochord playing techniques: How to create a "flying sound carpet" rich with overtones, and how to bring out the different overtones to accent your playing.
•  be given the opportunity to open your ear to the harmonic spectrum, be shown how to differentiate between different sound qualities, and understand the difference between tuning options for the Monochord strings.

•  experience how playing a Monochord can open a new space for you: allowing you to relax, rejuvenate, and nourishing yourself.

You can submit the course itinerary, which we will provide to get  18 CMTE credits  when you submit the itinerary to the CMTE board. if you are a Music Therapist. Please contact me for more details