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Spacedrum Evolution

Spacedrum Evolution

SPACEDRUM EVOLUTION® – Stainless steel handpan

Owing to our stainless steel alloy and our method of manufacture make Spacedrum Evolution® a unique handpan. In effect, the brands Hang®, Halo®, Yishama®, Asachan®, Spb®, Ayasa®, Shellopan®, etc, offer instruments built differently.

We only use 1.2 mm stainless teel sheets for the top shell. The notes shaping is specific to this instrument's line, and our shells are welded. Because of the combination of these elements gives the Spacedrum Evolution ® its unique acoustic character.

The Spacedrum Evolution® is a handpan with a powerful sound an

Spacedrum evolution from Metal Sounds

The modes are diatonic, pentatonic, and even chromatic. Harmonized scales make our handpans intuitive melodic percussions that require no musical knowledge.

Of course, they are very suitable for professional musicians, conservatories, national education, but above all for music therapy, sonotherapy, soundbath or relaxation.



Technical settings

Spacedrum evolution from Metal Sounds

Material: Stainless Steel
Diameters: 48 cm / 55 cm / 60 cm
Height of top & bottom shells: 12,5 cm (5″)
The thickness of the top shell: 1,2 mm
Weight: 3,4 Kg to 5,4 Kg
Number of notes: 6 to 13
Damper: removable rubber profile

Treatment: thermal
Maintenance: homemade Bio natural wax
included: Deluxe carry bag , wax and Booklet