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Singing Chair - monochord chair

Singing Chair - monochord chair

The  40 String Monochord chair enables an exceptional full-body experience of sound, vibration, and sound massage. Easy to play, and anyone can use it intuitively without any prior musical experience.

Monochord tuning:  2 sets of 30 strings (B-d/b-d’) (60 strings total). 22 bass strings tuned to D and 18 overtone strings tuned to the higher octave in d.

Monochord tuning allows the player more creative possibilities to evoke the fine and subtle overtones. You can vary and either focus on the deeper tones, which have more vibrations, or play the higher strings to create more overtones.

Tambura tuning: 15 sets of 4 strings (C, c, c, G) repeated (60 strings total).

Tambura tuning requires no prior training to use and works well for settings like offices, hotels, wellness and care facilities. String the strings evenly with your fingers and you will create overtones with rich harmonics. The repeated sequences create a rich, full and relaxing sound environment.