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Koshi Chimes -  Kalimbas in Koshi tuning - Zaphir Chimes

Koshi Chimes - Kalimbas in Koshi tuning - Zaphir Chimes

Hokema -Koshi - Zaphir have fun MIX and match :

The Koshi Chimes and Zaphir Chimes sound great together.  The Hokema Kalimba B9 in Koshi tuning also matches the Zaphir chimes. 

Koshi Chimes made out of bamboo in four tuning : Ignis, Terra, Aqua and Aria
Zaphir Chime in beautiful jewel colors dedicated to the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter
Matching Hokema Kalimbas for the Koshi and Zaphir chimes in four matching tunings.

Zaphir Spring: Crystalide  | G A B D A G B D
Koshi Fire: Ignis - red | G B D G B D G A
Hokema B9 Kalimba Ignis tuning | G B B G G E D D A (E is special note)

Zaphir Autumn: Twilight | E G B C E G B C (B is special note)
Koshi Earth: Terra | G C E F G C E G
Hokema B9 Kalimba Earth tuning: | G C C G G F E F B (B is special note) 

Zaphir Blue Moon | D F A B C E A# C (has F & A# special notes) 
Koshi Air: Aria  | A C E A B C E B 
Hokema B9 Kalimba Aria tuning | A C C A A G E E B (G is special note) 

Zaphir (Intermediary season): Sufi | F A D F A G A D
Koshi Water: Aqua  | A D F G A D F A
Hokema B9 Kalimba Aqua tuning | A D D A A G F F B (B is special note) 

Zaphir Summer: Sunray  | G# B C# E G# E A C#

    Notes on Sounds: While many notes are the same, on Koshis vs. Zaphir’s they’re organized in different order - this makes them complimentary but slightly different sounding which sounds cool when played together. The Blue Moon - Aria is the most complex combo with 3 “special” different notes between the Zaphir and Kalimba.

    You can click on the different products to hear sound samples.