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Hokema - B9 Kalimba


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The tuning of the Kalimba B9 is identical to that of the Sansula. It is in A-minor with additional tines tuned to B and F. Because all the notes harmonize, beginners can easily pick it up and start playing.

default Tuning A-minor: A, C, C, A, A, F, E, E, H

Amplify the sound by placing the kalimba on a flat surface such as a table or on top of a drum.

The B9( nine tines) is the ‘sister’ model of the B7 (seven tines) Kalimba. Both have the same sized wooden block, but the tines of the B9 are slimmer than the B7. This gives the B9 a more overtone rich sound compared with the B7, which has more vibration instead.

Solid resonant body of American cherrywood.
Measurements: 4.8 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches




    • Bag reinforced with fiberglass
    • Fully padded on the inside
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Protect your Kalimba perfectly
    • Lightweight and durable








Ask a Question
  • Hi, I have B9 kalimba. Is there a popular song I can play with B9 kalimba?

    The B9 Kalimba is a great Kalimba for improvisation. If you would like to play songs a B11 Kalimba in the G-major tuning gives you more choices, and you can play songs like Amazing Grace, Oh Susannah, Kum by Yah, Home on the Range... we also have a B11Hokema Kalimba Sansula facebook group.
    If you want to experiment with tunings, I would recommend getting the Sansula(B9) Book from Conny Sommer that will show you different playing techniques.

  • Hello, Gabrielle! I purchased a B9 Elektro from you a while back. I would like to buy another B9 but this time an accoustic version for my girlfriend's son. I want the case and tuning tool. I already have the book, which I'm giving to him as well. If I purchase today, when do you think might be the soonest I might reasonable expect to receive it? I live in Dallas, TX. Thanks! I've gotten so many positive comments on the B9 by people utterly gobsmacked at the beautiful sound coming from such a simple instrument! I look forward to getting this into his hands to play with...

    Hello Jason, we can ship 2nd day and ship it out May 2nd so it should arrive by friday/saturday if you have saturday delivery. Cheers, Gabriele