Feeltone Monochord Trainings

You’re invited to sign up for one of our hands-on monochord trainings.

 April 2018: Level I with Joule L'Adara, New York, New York.

June 2018: Annual “Monochord Intensive” Level I & Level II with Martina Glaeser Boehme who has developed all of our trainings. Germany

Weekend long Level I classes in “The Secret of the Monochord Playing Techniques” offered in New York and other locations throughout the year.

We also offer online Skype classes.

Our hands-on workshops will give you the opportunity to play, experience, and learn more about the feeltone Monochords including the Monolini or Monolina Body Therapy Monochords and the larger Concert and Meditation Monochord. While these instruments are completely intuitive and require no prior musical knowledge or ability to play, specific techniques are offered in this training that will deeply improve your ability to play the instruments with beauty, ease, and a variety of colors, as well as to evoke the elements of nature and to hold a deeply meditative space when playing for others. All of these techniques can be used for sound massage, group meditation sessions, to accompany singing and voice work, or to enhance any kind of hands-on healing work from acupuncture to massage therapy.

For more information on all our class offerings email: gabriele@feeltoneusa.com


Monochord Level 1 Seminar with Joule L'Adara:

The Secrets of the Monochord: Learn How to Play the Monochord

New York, NY April 20-22, 2018
Course fee $550 includes ($50) Monochord rental.
Bringing your own Monochord? Contact me for a $50 discount.
This hands on training is open to everyone interested to learn how to play the Monochord. No special musical training is required to be able to attend the workshop and both beginners and experienced persons are invited. No purchase necessary, instruments are provided for the training.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn more about and experience:
  • feeltone Monochords: Monochord Table, Monchair - Monochord Chair, Concert Monochords, and the Monolini and Monolina Monochords.
  • Different playing techniques for the Monochord: You willl learn how to create an overtone rich soundcarpet and how to use the different overtones created by the monochord to accent your playing technique.
  • Learn to hear the different overtones and sound qualities of the monochord.
  • Learn how to tune and take care the monochord as well as different tuning options.
  • And much more!
Course instructor Joule L'Adara has worked with the instruments right from the beginning. As a practitioner herself she has a wealth of information and experience to share.